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About AgriHayExchange.com

AgriHayExchange is owned and operated by KCTechnologies, Inc. of Lansdale, PA. For years, KCTechnologies, Inc. owner, Kevin Carmichael, has assisted Carmichael Farms, LLC (http://www.carmichaelfarms.com) in pursuing listings for those looking for hay as well as creating listings on various sites to list their hay for sale.

It was out of this opportunity that KCTechnologies, Inc. saw the need for a website where haysellers, hay growers, hay buyers and crop producers in general could have the opportunity to find others pursuing the same end.

KCTechnologies, Inc. has partnered with Carmichael Farms, LLC to bring you this website and will continue to update it on a monthly basis with new features including:
- Machinery Listings w/ Comparison Features
- Crop Listings in general w/ Comparison Features
- Weather data 
- Yield/Land Management Applications
- GIS/GPS related applications to record precise yield and land management data

These are just a few of the features KCTechnologies, Inc. is working to implement, but this list is always growing. If you have any suggestions of your own, please feel free to email them to KCTechnologies, Inc. @ info@agrihayexchange.com.

You will see that this site is a subscription based website. There are varying levels of membership to accommodate different levels of need. The subscription service provides a means for buyers or sellers to create listings to market the hay the have to sell or the opportunity they are looking for to buy. Any visitor that would like to see the listings without having to buy a subscription may do so by registering. Upon registration, all new users will be given a 6 Month Subscription to the Basic Listing Service which is FREE. When a subscription has expired, an email is sent to the subscriber making them aware. Continuing with the Basic Listing Subscription is still free but requires the users to renew it. This mechanism is here so the user cannot just leave a listing on the site without expiration. This level of interaction is what will help keep the information relevant.

Thanks again for visiting with us!

KCTechnologies, Inc.
Carmichael Farms, LLC.

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