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Site News

Updated 7/1/2010:

Site Updated!
  We have made a number of improvements to the AHE Site that will make it easier to look at and use.
- The site itself is a bit wider to make content easier to read and scroll.
- Improvements have been made to each page to load faster, especially on slower connections.
- Shortcuts have been created in listings to make it easier to browse available listings.
- Updates have been made to the checkout process to further help our Canadian users. There was also a few credit card errors that were keeping some of our members from checking out. With all of the safeguards out there today, some cards were being incorrectly rejected (including one of our own!).
- Updates have been made to the Image Library to make it easier to manage and use!
- Browser Compatibility Updates: We have updated the site to be friendlier with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), Google Chrome and Safari.

NOTE: If you experience any issues, please be sure to send an email to support@agrihayexchange.com and we will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback so far. Feedback is what allows us to make the site easier to use, less error prone and also gives you more features!

Updated 4/20/2010:

 Sign up or upgrade your account for 1 Year of the Premium ($100) or Unlimited Listing Service ($200) and receive an iPod Shuffle 2GB FREE. To be eligiblle, AHE member must provide full name, mailing address and Email address.IPod Shuffle 2GB ________________________________________________________________

Updated 11/19/2008:
New Updates to the site include:

- VACATION GIVEAWAY!!! AHE is giving away a free one week vacation to members that have registered and/or upgraded their subscription and placed a listing between 11/15/2008 and 11/30/2008. To be eligible, the member must be at least 18 years or older, have a valid mailing and email address and have placed at least one valid wanted/for sale listing. On December 1st, one winner will be drawn and contacted and will have until December 31st, 2008 to use the vacation voucher. If the winner cannot be contacted within 2 days, a new winner will be drawn until one can be contacted. The winner will be responsible for making the reservation at Massanutten Resort before December 31st, 2008. This drawing is eligible for members that reside in the US or Canada only.
Click HERE to see the beautiful Massanutten Resort where my wife and I vacation every year!

Updated 11/12/2008:
New Updates to the site include:

- FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS!!! The Basic Listing Service is now FREE!
I have been debating this for awhile and have decided to make the Basic Listing Service a free service to list limited (3) hay for sale / wanted listings on the site. It also then includes the ability to upload 3 Images to your account to be used to help in the marketing of your hay or business. It was also easier to make this decision based on the condition of our economy and the limited resources people have in a time like this. I'd like to keep as much of the site free where possible. Unfortunately, it does cost thousands of dollars a year to keep this site going with the 2000+ members AHE currently supports. AHE has been online for almost 1 1/2 years now and the response it has had has been amazing. In the next year, we look forward to providing improved speed and functionality of the site, more tools to market and sell your goods or services, more tools to keep track of what you currently produce/sell and more areas in which you can connect with other farmers, ranchers, hay buyers, hay sellers, etc.

Updated 6/2/2008:
New Updates to the site include:

- Multi-State Listings: Multi-State Listings are here!
(http://www.agrihayexchange.com/Hay/Manage.aspx?LinkID=-1&LType=-1&PID=165) This type of listing has been requested by many members and it is now available! A Multi-State Listing is similar to a standard listing except that it allows you to post a listing across multiple states instead of to the specific county you registered in. This is great if you supply or can ship in hay from a specific region, the entire United States or Canada! A Multi-State Listing is also different in that it determines the number of listings used by the number of states you select. So if you have a Premium Subscription with 15 Listings you could create one Multi-State Listing for 15 States or 3 Multi-State Listings in 5 States each or a mix of standard Listings and Multi-State Listings that total 15 Listings. 
To create a new Multi-State Listing, log into your account and navigate to My Services --> My Listings --> Create Multi-State Listing.

Updated March 2008:
New Updates to the site include:

- Image Library: We have added an Image Library where members can upload pictures/images for use in Listings and soon to come in Business Directory Ads and Member Profiles. The amount of images allowed to uploaded is dependant upon the subscription purchased.

Updated 11/12/2007:
New Updates to the site include:

- Messaging Center: We have added a new Messaging Center where members can communicate with each other. When a member views a listing of another member they have the capability of sending a message directly to that user. Upon sending it, the message will be immediately available to the other member via the Messaging Center. The Messaging Center takes on the look of a standard Email Interface like Microsoft Outlook. From here you can see all messages in your Inbox as well as all Sent Items. It also keeps track of messages read. When logging into the site, the Messaging Center will also notify you of any new Unread emails. When logged in, you will also notice a small box in the top left corner of the page (above the Site Statistics section). This box shows any new unread messages and allows you to click on either the header (which takes you to the Messaging Center) or the actual message.

- Site Mode (Dial-Up/Broadband): We have added a new feature to the site that alows a user to toggle between Dial-Up mode and Broadband mode.
Dial-Up mode contains less features (search and graphical enhancements) than the Broadband mode but allows the site to load a little faster. We will continue to expand this feature to further help our Dial-Up members who have no option but to use Dial-Up. It is our goal that anyone who needs accessibility to the information on our site, can do so in a reasonable amount of time. You can find this Link in the bottom left hand corner of any page. 


Updated 10/1/2007:
Business Directory Ads:
We have added a new subscription service for businesses to place ads in our Business Directory. This directory allows a business to give a short 200 character description of their company/site/product, their company/site/product name and a email or web address. It is a very cheap way to gain exposure to those visitors particularly looking to ship, sell or buy hay. http://agrihayexchange.com/services/default.aspx?pgid=2&PID=157


Updated 9/1/2007:
Registration Drawing:
AHE will be having a drawing on September 1st, 2007 to pick one member who registered between June 15th, 2007 and August 31st, 2007. The selected member will receive a new handheld GPS! Details to come! https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=327.


Updated 8/3/2007:
New Updates to the site include:

- Streaming Video: We have added a new Streaming Video Library page. This page provides free streaming video content to anyone who visits our site. We are looking to add more content in the future. We currently have the AHE Promo video*** playing. This video was taken at Carmichael Farms, LLC the week before the MSU AgExpo 2007. Enjoy!

***The promo video currently plays in high-definition and streams at 1024Kb. Later this week we will release a lower bandwidth video for dial-up users. The higher bandwidth video is recommended for users who are on a satellite, DSL, Cable, or Fiber Optic line.

Updated 7/26/2007:
New Updates to the site include:

- Member Profiles: We have added a new Member Profile Listing page. This page will allow registered members (FREE Membership here) to view other registered members contact information*** and crop wanted/needed listings by region. The member profile listing is currently listed by country, state/province. Look for future updates to include listings by name and company.

***Members have the ability to specify what information can be viewed by other registered members

Updated 7/20/2007:

- Ag Expo 2007 - Thanks for stopping by!: Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at Ag Expo! It was a pleasure for Julie and I to meet all of you and we hope to continue to be able to communicate with all of you in the upcoming months via this site. Talking with all of you who visited allowed us to get some feedback and immediate improvements or features you would like to see on the site. If there is a feature on this site you would like to see or a crop type or size you think should be on here, please email me at support@agrihayexchange.com and I can see how I can accommodate your request. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing all of you again next year!

Updated 6/20/2007:
New Updates to the site include:

- Upgraded Shipping Cost Estimator: When creating new listings, you now have the option to post estimated shipping costs such as Delivery Rate, a Minimum Delivery Rate and a Minimum Delivery Miles. For situations where shipping may be to a buyer 75 miles away, a seller may instead choose to charge a base rate under a certain amount of miles versus charging by the mile.

Updated 6/13/2007:
New Updates to the site include:

- User Profiles: Member profiles are now available to subscribers. Registered members are currently unable to modify profile settings but this will become available in the next week. Upcoming features include creating a link to your profile from your own website. Users of your website that visit your profile on AHE will be capable of viewing your listings without having to login. They will still need to login to view other listings on the site and access any member specific sections. An example can be found here: http://carmichaelfarms.com/Default.aspx?eID=0&pID=45


- Free Registration: The Trial section of the site has been upgraded and changed. It will focus more on allowing visitors new to the site to register without asking for billing information. As a result of registering to the site, they will receive a free 30-day subscription to the Basic Listing Service.


- Site News: I have added a site news page to allow visitors and members alike to see what's happening with the site. There are a lot of plans for the site including: 
      • Weather: Members will have the ability to customize weather settings for their particular profile. Customized Historical data and trends will also be an added feature.
      • Profile and Listing Images: Members will have the ability to upload pictures to their profile and/or individual hay listings.
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