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Becoming A Registered Member
A visitor to the site can become a registered member 2 possible ways:
1. Sign up for subscription service or trial subscription.
2. Click on the 'Login' button under the main menu towards the top of the page. Once the page loads, click the Register button. 

If a user only registers, they will automatically be signed up for a trial membership. At the end of the trial, they will still have access to view listings and member profiles. They will, however, no longer have access to create new listings. They will then need to go to products/services page and select a new subscription.

If a user selects a subscription service, they will be prompted to go through the User Registration section before checking out. The user will then receive 2 emails. They will receive one email for registering to the site and one email confirmation their subscription level.

Security Note: If a user selects a subscription, they will be prompted for payment information. Please note the site redirects to a secure site to perform this transaction. AHE currently does not store credit card information other than the last 4 digits for payment verification. All transaction information is submitted securely to a payment authority similar to swiping your credit card at a gas station. To know whether a site is secure and information is being encrypted, you can (depending upon the browser version) look for a gold lock. This can be found to the right of the address bar in Internet Explorer 7+. In prior version of IE, it can be found in the status bar at the bottom of the screen closer to the right side of the screen.Hovering over it will display a message saying something like "Security Report" or "SSL Secure (128 Bit)". Double-clicking on this Lock will show information pertaining to the certificate and who it belongs to and what site it belongs to.


Account Preferences
Location: My Services / My Account
The purpose of the My Account page is to manage your Account Settings like Address Information, to set your account preferences like 'Show Telephone', 'Show Address', etc, and to see your current subscription(s) to the site.

The 'My Account' page has 4 tabs.

Tab 1: View
The View tab is used to view your account information.

Tab 2: Account

The Account tab is used to update items such as Address and other contact information including your email address.

Tab 3: Preferences
The Preferences tab is used to update preferences like:
   - Listing Preferences: List Telephone, List Email and List Address
   - Listing Preferences: Delivery Rate
   - Listing Preferences: Best Time to Call

Tab 4: Subscriptions
The Subscriptions tab is used to see what subscriptions you currently have and their expiration dates. You can also view invoice details for a given subscription.

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